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The Future of the Bucket Trail

For more information about the upcoming events for The Bucket Trail, including the Auction and Goodbye Event, please use the panels below. Be sure to check out our limited edition "Paint Yer Own" figurines to commemorate the memory of The Bucket Trail. Last but not least, Snow Globe Wullie is one of the latest sculputres to be revealed, but he is not part of the tour, be sure to check him out!

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Goodbye Event

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Snow Globe Wullie

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Find A' The Oor Wullies

Over fifty 5ft unique sculptures will be dotted around the city of Dundee this Summer, trail maps and iPhone and Android applications will be available throughout the Summer for tourists and the people of Dundee to allow them to track down each of the sculptures. Will you be able to find them all?

Mondrian Boy

By Philip Colbert


Iron Boy

By Sophie Green


You’re a Wizard Wullie

By Lee O'Brien


View A' The Oor Wullies

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The Bucket Trail

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